CEi Fact Checking Policy 2020


CEi highly values our readers and believe journalism and accurate, non-biased reporting are key pillars in any functioning society. CEi is committed to being accurate, clear, and precise with the content published on our platforms, including any content that appears in our web-articles, our social media posts, our URLs, and our headlines.

Our team members understand that their stories – including each word they write and statement they report on – can have a significant impact and as such they must act responsibly with the power and influence they have.

CEi’s team is required to verify all information they gather for an article by going through multiple steps. These steps include cross-checking any identifiable information (names, identities, locations), eye-witness statements, and any other statements or accounts made in relation to an article. Each team member conducts their own fact-checking in relation to the above, guided by internal policies and the Ethics Policy.


Clean Endurance International (CEI) is a registered charitable organisation based in France.  Formed by an international, like-minded, compassionate collective to promote Education, Clean Sport, Fair Play and Information within the international equestrian sport of Endurance Riding and to unify and facilitate communication between riders, officials and other stakeholders.

Values and honesty are at the core of the organisation which prides itself on providing an unbiased and impartial flow of information to followers, riders and officials from such bodies as the FEI, National Federations, Welfare Organisations and to encourage constant improvements in horse welfare standards.


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